Rx Racial Healing

A Guide to Embracing Our Humanity

Framed by a personal narrative detailing the author’s own understanding of the power of racism and the need for healing, this guide for facilitators provides the information, tools, and resources needed to teach Rx Racial Healing in colleges, groups, institutions, and communities.

2 thoughts on “New Book Release: Rx Racial Healing

  1. Good and great Doctor,
    We “knew” each other from Chicago’s Hyde Park as you were commencing your practice. You had an office near/on 53rd Harper., i was a one of your patients I also knew one of your family members, Lyell , if memory serves me.
    I am just touching base w/you as it’s been a long ago since Hyde Park.
    Continue peace and blessings to/for you as you continue the work,

  2. Gail

    Your book is most timely. It embraces me in many ways, beginning with the title. That resonance kept being repeated throughout the book. Thank you for your commitment and the diligence to produce such a valued guide to help us move from humans to also being humanity.

    You spoke at the Center for Healthy Equity where I’ve been many times. Somehow I missed you. It was the National Day of Healing Racism on Jan 16 at the Stetson School of Law when I was introduced to these concepts. Carlin Nesmith gave me a copy. I’ve been recommending ti throughout my networks.

    I too am connected with David Cooperrider from a Case Western event on health systems in 1999 and Rollin McCraty of HeartMath a few years later. Most of my earlier connections around consciousness were because of my involvement with the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR). We still collaborate. Beliefs with Bruce Lipton and vagus nerve from Lynne McTaggart and Dacher Keltner.

    Since Feb 2020, Florida activists have been collaborating with theoretical physicist Fritjof Capra to learn about BEING living systems becoming conscious of ourselves as part of the cosmos and better at practicing biomimicry in Florida bioregions with many partners.

    The Connection Partners has been applying theories of living systems, fields, networks, consciousness and love in St Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Florida and beyond since 1995. For about 20 years, we have found that the World Cafe the most rewarding for participants to quickly experience oneness, a sense of shared, collective intelligence, and inspired community engagement.

    The Doctrine of Discovery has very much informed and influenced our actions with Black and Indigenous friends. I was struck by the power of Linneas’ ‘fake news’ about racial hierarchy. in your book. We are ready to listen for what’s next.

    I am very much going with the energies of life – becoming HUMANITY, which we cannot do alone as humans. your book is going to be a significant asset as we move more into living in beloved communities.

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