IMPORTANT UPDATE: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Jan 28 and 29 as a virtual workshop to be conducted online.

The Ntianu Garden: Center for Healing and Nature is pleased to offer the two-day Rx Racial Healing Workshop for Co-Facilitators, on Thursday, Jan 28, and Friday, Jan 29, 2021. This workshop is designed for leaders and those working on racial healing for communities and organizations. The registration fee is $700.

  • Day One: Introduction and Level One Circle Facilitation Principles.
  • Day Two: Level Two Circle Facilitation Skills and Practice.

Participants will improve their skills and gain an increased understanding of key Rx Racial Healing concepts, including the ABCs of Racial Healing (Affirmation, Belonging and Consciousness Change), Racial HierarchyBiasHealing, and explore how to design effective racial healing circles.

The workshop will be held at The Ntianu Garden: Center for Healing and Nature, located in Fort Washington, Maryland, near the National Harbor and will be conducted by Dr. Gail C. Christopher.

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One thought on “Rx Racial Healing Workshop for Co-Facilitators (COVID-19 Updates)

  1. Greetings! My friend and colleague Nse Obot Witherspoon (ED of the Children’s Environmental Health Network) participated in this training. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in another training when one is available. I am a Research Professor in public health at U Mass Lowell, with a focus on integrating environmental interventions into chronic disease prevention.
    Current work includes co-leading the Health/Science workgroup (“Node”) and serving on the Network Council of the Cancer-Free Economy Network, which prioritizes equity in a systems-based effort to scale transitions away from hazardous chemicals and technologies. Human-to-human connection has been central in my work, and my enjoyment of it; I’m drawn to deepening that work in the context of dismantling racism.

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