Creating Change through Leadership: Two Extraordinary Leaders, a Mother and Daughter, Share Their Experiences Promoting Racial Equity

Presenters: Gail Christopher, Heather McGhee

This is the final segment of Trust for America’s Health’s 4-part web forum series: Taking Action to Promote Health Equity—Using the Lessons from Cutting-Edge Practices to Improve Health and Well Being.

Leadership is an essential ingredient in making lasting change to advance equity and population health. The last web forum in our series will feature two nationally known leaders discussing the connection between racism and health inequity and sharing insights about engaging all members of a community—including your own organization—in the common purpose of a just society with equitable opportunity.

The web forum speakers are Dr. Gail Christopher, the chair of the Board of Directors of Trust for America’s Health, and a longtime leader in philanthropy and the movement to eliminate discriminatory barriers to progress; and her daughter, Heather McGhee, the immediate past president and now a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos and a frequent national media contributor.

For the first time in a national forum, these two inspiring leaders will discuss how change is created at the individual, community, organizational and systems levels. They will offer concrete examples of how leaders can experience “inside out change” in order to be effective equity leaders. They will also focus on our nation’s unfinished work toward racial equity and the need to change the narrative and beliefs that fuel inequities. In addition, Dr. Christopher will discuss the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation initiative and Ms. McGhee will share insights about Demos’ internal Racial Equity Organizational Transformation process, what she’s learned from her friendship with a now-reformed racist C-SPAN caller, as well as Demos’ new research on how to talk about race and class.

The Web Forum recording, presentations, and resources will be available on the Dialogue4Health website at

One thought on “TFAH Webinar with Dr. Gail Christopher & Daughter Heather McGhee

  1. I had the joy of listening to you as our Keynote speaker for the American Holistic Nurses Association and the double pleasure of listening to The Sum of Us audiobook en route to the conference. What a dynamic mother and daughter duo you are! We selected Sum of Us for an in-depth study for the fall for our AAUW Green Bay DEI group. The message of hope in Dr. Christopher’s keynote was so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talents – both of you – with the world!

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